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A Healthy, Well Functioning Colon Found To Be A Vital Link To A Long And Disease Free Life!


· 92% of Women with Breast, Ovarian and Uterine Cancer Have History of Chronic Constipation

· People with Bowel Movements Every 2 to 3 Days are 3 to 4 times more likely to Develop Parkinson’s Disease!


    While the subject of our bowel movements is not something most people discuss with anyone, even their doctor, recent research is demonstrating that how healthy your colon is, and how frequently you have bowel movements is a major factor in how long you will you will live and how healthy you will be as you age.

    Although chronic constipation has long been associated with the development of colitis, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, and colon cancer, it has also now been established as one of the primary factors contributing to the development of cancer of the breast, ovaries and uterus, impaired liver function, and degeneration of brain tissue.

    Scientists are just now beginning to examine the relationship of constipation to the development of disease, and they are finding many powerful correlations.  For example, it was recently found that people, who have only one bowel movement every 2 or 3 days are 4 times more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.

It takes many years for the harmful effects of an unhealthy colon to be made manifest in the tissues of the body. Due to this long delay, most people, and until recently even the medical profession, failed to realize that by ignoring chronic constipation a though it were merely a harmless nuisance, serious and irreversible damage was being done. 

Now it is realized that the long term result of an unhealthy and poorly functioning colon is the eventual onset of some form of fatal illness. For the sake of a long and healthy life, you simply cannot afford to ignore the health of your colon.

How A Healthy Colon is Created:

    As you probably realize, the first step to a healthy colon is actually a healthy diet.

    A healthy diet is one that consists as much as possible of foods that come fresh from Nature with as little alteration as possible. Fresh meat, fish and poultry. Fresh fruit and vegetables of a wide variety, fresh eggs, whole milk, butter and natural cheese, olive, coconut and palm kernel oil, and whole beans, nuts and grains are what make up a healthy diet.

   These foods are filled with great, easy to access nutrition, and are easy for your stomach, pancreas and small intestines to digest. Thus they contribute    to creating a healthy colon by passing along only a well digested residue that serves as food for the beneficial bacteria. All the native people of the world living on this type of natural diet have healthy daily bowel movements and none of the diseases found in the so called advanced nations.

   Note: As we age, the ability to produce digestive enzymes, both in the stomach and in the pancreas and intestines, declines and efficient digestion declines with it, thus aging itself contributes to passing along poorly   digested food residue to the colon, which contributes to poor colon health. Fortunately Ultimate Life Products has supplements of these enzymes available to offset this natural decline. Prima Gest as a stomach acid supplement, and  Panzymes as a pancreatic and intestinal enzyme supplement.

Good Digestion is a 3 Part Process:

    Even though you may actually be eating a natural diet as previously described, if your digestive functions are not up to par, this improperly digested food can create all kinds of problems for you by the time it reaches your colon.

1. Stomach Digestion:

      Once you consume food, it is moved into your stomach which is lined with many individual gastric glands which produce hydrochloric acid of HCI for short.

HCI is the tool your stomach used to begin and complete the first part of the         digestive process. While in your stomach, HCI is suppose to complete four very important digestive functions.

1) All proteins are made up of many  different amino acids. While in your stomach, HCI begins the process of breaking down complex proteins into individual amino acid peptides that your body needs to manufacture important enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, muscle, connective tissue, and other    protein structures.

2) HCI in your stomach separates the fats and oils from your food.

3) HCI separates the minerals from your food.

4) HCI helps to separate many of the vitamins and other important phytonutrients from your food.

   As we age, we produce less and less HCI. This can lead to or aggravate many digestive problems including Heartburn, Gas, Indigestion, Burping & Belching. Acne Rosacea, Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Gall Stones, Anemia, Bacterial, Yeast, Fungal, Mold and Parasite Infections, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Periodontal Disease and many others. Clearly if you want to digest and utilize all the nutrients found in the supplements you take and in the food you eat, the importance of adequate HCI found in your stomach can not be overstated.

    A study reported in the Quarterly Journal of Medicine by Drs. D.T. Davies and T.J.  James, showed that in a group of 100 normal people over the age of 60, over 50% had what is called “hypochloridia.” This simply means that they did not make enough HCI (hydrochloric acid) to adequately digest the food in their stomach. Worse still was the fact that this and other studies reveal that many people over the age of 65 make no HCI at all! This is a condition known as “achloridia.”

     If you lack adequate HCI in your stomach, then you continually deprive your body of these important nutrients, your health deteriorates and the disease  process begins.

2. Intestinal Digestion:

    After your stomach has sufficiently digested your food (approximately 4 to 6 hours) it is then moved down into your intestines where a completely different set of important enzymes go to work.

    Here in your intestines is where all of the important nutrients from your diet are broken down even further to be absorbed and transported through your blood stream to various organs, glands, tissues and cells the need them. This is where your body really starts to benefit from the quality of your diet.

    If you are consuming a poor diet full of simple carbohydrates and processed foods, those important nutrients will all be missing and your health will          obviously suffer.

    These simple carbohydrates are quickly converted into glucose and you may now have high blood sugar levels. Once that happens your entire body goes to work to quickly lower those blood sugar levels back to normal. Your pancreas gets very busy manufacturing insulin trying to transport the glucose into the cells to be burned, your kidneys work extra hard  trying to get that excess sugar out through your urine, your liver gets to work by converting some of the glucose into triglycerides and then storing it on your body as fat and even your skin tries to push out the excess sugar through your pores which feeds bacteria that leads to acne.

   High blood sugar is a very serious health problem that you can not ignore and as you can see, THE CONSEQUENSES OF IT ARE VERY SERIOUS INDEED.  Your body knows this and makes it a very high priority to lower high blood sugar levels as quickly as it  possibly can.

    Even though your body is able to lower your high blood sugar, unfortunately for most people by the time your body stops lowering those high blood sugar levels, it doesn’t stop until your blood sugar level drops too low (hypoglycemia) and now your brain tells you that you are hungry again because you need to raise your sugar levels back to normal.

    If you choose to eat those simple carbohydrates - the vicious blood sugar high to low cycle starts all over again. This is a health disaster waiting to happen that leads to the full development of diabetes and the deadly complications that come with it.  (see table 4)

    The real tragedy of Type II Diabetes is that it is entirely preventable, can be controlled and even reversed through diet, exercise and good nutrition.

Poor Stomach Digestion Compounds the Problem:

    Another very serious problem when your stomach is not digesting properly, is that it sends only partially digested food down into your intestines. This forces your pancreas to manufacture a very large amount of enzymes in an attempt to finish the digestion job the stomach failed at. Then they must complete the final  digestion that the intestines would normally do as well! If you don’t correct this problem it can lead to some very serious health problems as your pancreas becomes severely overworked and worn out. (see table 5)

    A lack of adequate digestion in your intestines can also lead to another set of serious health problems that you may never have imagined. Food allergies and chronic infections.

Food Allergies:

    If your food particles are not fully digested and broken down completely, large particles can enter your blood stream and your immunesystem immediately recognizes them as a danger and thus mounts an attack to destroy them. You feel the results in the form of an allergic reaction. If your food allergies are inherited through genetics, then even the best digestion probably won’t eliminate them. However, most food allergies can be eliminated by restoring your   entire digestive process back to normal healthy state.

Table #4

Frequent complications from Type II Diabetes.


· Heart disease

· Kidney Failure

· Poor Circulation

· Leg and Limb


· Blindness

· Cancer especially     Pancreatic

· Impotence


· And many other common diseases and problems.


Chronic Infections:

      Due to the allergic response of your immune system from those large food    particles, much of your immune system from those large food particles, much of your immune system strength is used up and opportunistic infections and parasites can thrive because there simply are not enough immune system soldiers and weapons to go around and fight every battle. You feel an overwhelmed immune system in the form of chronic fatigue and extreme allergic sensitivities as well as one cold or flu after another.

Where to Get Your Enzymes:

  Many of these important enzymes required by your intestines actually come from your diet. In particular a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. That is the way nature designed it.

Table #5

Problems that can stem from Poor

Intestinal Digestion.


· Food Allergies

· Gas and Bloating

· Lack of Energy/Fatigue

· Yeast Infections

· Development of degenerative diseases as your pancreas robs metabolic enzymes from cells and tissues just to keep up.


   Of course as the food in your diet is  refined and processed, these important    enzymes are destroyed and killed to where there may be very  little if any of those beneficial enzymes left in your food. This is one very important reason why you want to consume a natural diet as close as it is found in nature with as little change as possible.

   If you are concerned about a lack of pancreatic enzymes from your diet and      pancreas, you should strongly consider supplementing your diet with Panzymes available from Ultimate Products. It is a comprehensive and well balanced formula that I created over 10 years ago featuring all of the important enzymes and support factors required and is an exceptional product to significantly improve your intestinal digestion and help support your pancreas gland as well.

    A poor diet is the biggest cause of an unhealthy colon. The need to take antibiotics is the second most important factor in creating an unhealthy colon. This is because the antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in the colon, which  allows putrefactive and pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria and fungi to take their place.

    Only if the physician who gives the antibiotic is knowledgeable enough to follow the antibiotic treatment with the administration of beneficial bacteria, will this harm be avoided. Unfortunately this is almost never the case. 

   Tragically many children get started down this road at an early age as their pediatricians give them many doses of antibiotics without also administering the beneficial bacteria. If, in addition, the diet contains many of the processed foods, the situation in the colon is made just that much worse as those junk foods serve as food for the harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Note: Ultimate Products provides Healthy Flora a nutritional supplement of Lactobacillus sporogenes, a special strain of the beneficial bacteria which easily passes through the stomach without loss and very effectively colonizes the intestinal tract to reestablish a normal and healthy colon flora.

How an Unhealthy Colon Creates Disease:

    When either improperly digested food, or highly refined low fiber food residue enters the colon, it is incapable of serving as food for the beneficial bacteria, and thus their beneficial by-products are not produced, and of course, if the beneficial bacteria are missing, the beneficial by-products will not be produced.

Chief among these beneficial by-products are two very important acids, lactic acid which keeps the pH of the colon unfriendly to pathogenic yeast, and butyric acid which combines with calcium and magnesium to create butyrate's that nourish the cells lining the colon and prevent them from turning into polyps and cancer cells. In other words,  colon polyps and colon cancer are the direct result of the cells lining the colon not receiving the butyrates found in a normal, healthy colon content.

    Studies have even shown that making the butyrates available to precancerous colon cells will allow them to return to normal.

    Without these important acids the pH of the  colon rises towards the alkaline side and this encourages the growth of dangerous yeast and putrefactive bacteria. Made all the more likely by the taking of antibiotics without at the same time taking  supplements of the beneficial bacteria.

    As the yeast grows, it colonizes the intestinal wall making holes in it. These holes allow undigested food molecules into the blood. This in turn triggers an expanding number of unrecognized food allergies. These uncategorized food allergies sap your health and energy as your immune system wages war against these food molecules.

    Much of what appears to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is really the loss of energy being consumed by the immune system as it wages war against the  invasion of large food molecules as a result of the holes in the gut wall produced by this pathogenic yeast. In addition, as the yeast colonies live on glucose, the more sugar there is in the diet, the more abundantly they thrive in the intestines. In addition, the higher the blood level of glucose, the more they thrive in the blood and tissues of the body.

    In addition, there are the putrefactive bacteria, which produce a wide range of toxic chemicals that flood into the colon as a by-product of their              metabolism. It must be remembered that there are more cells of bacteria and yeast living in the human colon than there are cells that make up the entire     human body. The massive combined number of putrefactive bacteria can create so many harmful chemicals in the colon that the fecal material can be so toxic as to be lethal.

    As this mixture of undigested material passes through the 3 to 5 foot length of the colon, with billions upon billions of pathogenic yeast and putrefactive    bacteria feeding on it, the toxicity of the colon contents becomes enormous. One of the first consequences of this toxicity is the “deadening”  of the colon muscles. They lose their normally vigorous tone to create the peristaltic waves to move the colon contents along. As the transit time of the colon contents slows down, it gives the colon walls a greater opportunity to absorb the liquid out of the fecal mass. The slower it gets, the more of this colon fluid it absorbs.

It must be remembered that there are more cells of bacteria and yeast living in the human colon than there are cells that make up the    entire human body.”


Overwhelming Your Liver!

      Because this liquid is so toxic, the body is designed in such a way that this colon fluid goes directly to the detoxifying tissues of the liver. At first, a healthy liver can easily detoxify this colon fluid and allow it to pass on into the blood without doing any harm. However, as the days turn into months and then years, and finally decades, the liver’s detoxify the colon fluid and the left over toxic residues pass on into the blood. In medical terms this is known as post-hepatic intoxication. Because the toxicity is of a very low level, it is not immediately life threatening. However, due to the law of accumulative effect, it does eventually take its toll.


Devastating Results for Women and Men:

Extremely Dangerous Conditions:

    One of the most damaging effects is that excess estrogen from the monthly    female hormone cycle, which was originally removed and excreted in the bile, is now recirculated back into the blood stream. This pushes the estrogen level in the female tissues to carcinogenic levels. Studies have shown that as many as 92% of women with cancer of the female tissues have a history of chronic constipation. An unhealthy colon, led to excess absorption of colon fluid containing estrogen, much of which eventually bypassed the liver’s      detoxifying capacity, raising the blood and female tissue levels of estrogen to      carcinogenic levels. Little do the millions of women with chronic constipation realize that their unhealthy colon is setting the stage for a future occurrence of cancer.

An unhealthy colon, led to excess  absorption of colon fluid containing      estrogen, much of which eventually by passed the liver’s detoxifying capacity, raising the blood and female tissue levels of estrogen to carcinogenic levels.”



    Medical science has known for decades that post-hepatic intoxication leads to  degeneration of the highly sensitive tissues of the brain. Until very recently it was always thought this  occurred only in cases of acute liver failure, such as with hepatitis. However in August of 2001 the results of a large study in Hawaii involving 8,006 men of Japanese ancestry conducted over a 30 year period      revealed those men who had at least one bowel movement per day almost never developed Parkinson’s disease. On the other hand, those who did not have daily bowel movements, were three times more likely to have Parkinson’s and they were four times more likely to have Parkinson’s than those men who regularly had two bowel movements per day. This study shows that even low dose post-hepatic toxicity over a long period of time can have very damaging effects upon the highly sensitive neurological tissues of the body.  No doubt, as further studies are completed, it will be seen that Alzheimer's and other senile dementia conditions, and even cases of schizophrenia and chronic depression have as a major contributing factor, post-hepatic toxicity due to poor colon health.

    If you have a history of long term, chronic constipation, it would no doubt be wise for you to start giving your overworked liver some additional help until your colon function is returned to normal. With the creation of V-3042 Liver Detox & Support to give the Liver the specific nutritional tools it needs in order to successfully deal with heavy toxic burdens. Originally created as an aid and support for hepatitis patients, we are delighted to report that it has been very    successful in doing this job. A companion formula has also been created, Lipoic Synergy, and it is the finest toxin and poison neutralizing formula we are aware of. So powerful and effective that it has even been  successfully used in hospitals to overcome cases of what otherwise would have been fatal poisoning.

If you want to give your liver the support it needs to eliminate those toxins, you should consider using  Liver Detox & Support along with Lipoic Synergy. For those without any serious liver or high toxicity problems a daily maintenance  dose of 1 or 2 capsules twice a day of both products will go a long way to insure that your liver stays in top condition.


   More serious health problems will require larger doses up to 3 or 4 capsules 3 times daily of both products.

   The slower the fecal contents move through the colon, the longer the cells lining the colon are exposed to highly toxic substances, and thus the more inclined they will be to turn into polyps and cancer cells.

    The slower the fecal contents move, the more the toxic colon liquid is removed and sent to the liver, thus increasing the liver’s detoxification burden. In time this is sufficient to weaken the liver’s ability and result in low level post-hepatic intoxication of the general circulation and tissues throughout the body. It is now becoming evident that this low dose toxicity over the longer term results in the development of a variety of disease processes throughout the body. It is now becoming evident that this low dose toxicity over the longer term results in the development of a variety of disease processes throughout the body.

    Genetic research is currently showing that weak genes (only slightly abnormal) can provide good health as long as they are not burdened with a toxic environment.  Undoubtedly, in time it will be shown that those genes when these people have a history of chronic constipation.

    In some people the loss of moisture is so complete during slow bowel transit time that the stool becomes quite literally so dry it is as hard as a rock.

    When people try to pass such stools after several days of forming into a large mass, the stress to the anus and rectal tube results in enlarged, swollen and inflamed veins that look like large angry worms. They are called hemorrhoids and are extremely tender, sore and painful. In addition the anal tissue can tear,   creating splits and cracks in the tissue known as anal fissures that often refuse to heal, again  resulting in bleeding and great pain and discomfort.

The Failed Solution:

    For most of the people described in the above paragraph, and there are millions of them, they seek to solve their problem with things like Metamucil,  Preparation H and harsh laxatives.

    What they fail to realize is, that even though, through the use of these things they may eventually have a bowel movement

and they may temporarily relieve the pain of their hemorrhoids, they still have an unhealthy colon and the hidden disease processes that are being fed by the chronic low dose toxicity of the post- hepatic intoxication are continuing  unabated.

     They do not  realize that cancer of the colon and of the female tissue, already proven to be directly related to an unhealthy colon, is very likely at work in their body. They do not realize that if they have  weak genes at any point in their body, their unhealthy colon is setting the stage for the breakdown of those genes and the development of disease. They do not realize that as they age their risk of developing Parkinson’s and many other neurological degenerative conditions is increasing daily as a result of their poor colon health. Using laxatives and hemorrhoid preparations may temporarily ease the burden, but it does nothing to relieve the grave danger of major and life threatening diseases that can develop as a result of the poor colon health that results in chronic constipation. 

Regular, Well Formed, Easy to Pass, Daily Bowel Movements:

      If you are wondering how healthy your colon is, the answer is as easy to find as how well your bowel habits do not match that statement, modern scientific research indicates you do not have a healthy, well functioning colon and as a result hidden disease processes are developing in your body right now.

     The longer you have had an unhealthy colon the further along these hidden disease processes have advanced. Fortunately for you, if your colon is unhealthy, there is now a simple and easy way to create a healthy, well functioning colon, even after years of   neglect.

Heartburn, Gas, Indigestion.

All are most likely signs of not enough HCI production in your stomach.

If you suffer from these symptoms of indigestion, then you probably also have too little HCI being produced in your stomach.

Low HCI production leads to poor digestion which means that the food in your stomach ferments instead of digests like it should.

This fermentation process generates gas which can push the HCI you have up into your esophagus, and this is heartburn.

This same gas from the fermentation process is also the reason why you may have been burping, gas and other indigestion problems.

Supplementing with more hydrochloric acid helps to insure that your food is digested and not fermented in your stomach.

In the paragraphs which follow is described a Daily Colon Health Formula, what it contains, and how it works to  promote a healthy colon with natural, easy to pass daily bowel movements.

       As the name of the formula describes, it is not a laxative or a “quick fix”, it is intended as a daily food to create and nourish true colon health that will allow you to have, perhaps for the first time in your life, the type of daily bowel movements described by the heading of this section. As important as this is to you from the comfort standpoint, and the relief of pain and strain with bowel movements, even more important to you is the long - term benefits to your overall health. A healthy colon will stop feeding the hidden disease processes that have been going on as the result of an unhealthy colon.

    Once the constipation is overcome, you must resist the foolish temptation to think that is all you needed to do. You must continue to nourish your colon with this formula on a daily basis to ensure that all the processes that take place within your colon are contributing to your good health and longevity and not secretly destroying it. There is no point in taking nutritional supplements of herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids if your colon is pouring toxins into your liver to the extent that it is poisoning the tissues of your body and promoting weak genes to break down and create disease.

   In order that you may better understand exactly how this formula works to create and promote continued good colon health, the various components of the formula are thoroughly reviewed below.

Lactospore: This is a special form of Lactobacillus bacteria that has been extensively tested in hospitals throughout   Japan and proven to establish itself in the intestines and the colon, and to correct a wide variety of unhealthy colon    conditions. Conditions severe enough to require hospitalization.

    Dr. Robert Preston has personally ordered hundreds of laboratory tests to determine the level of beneficial bacteria in the colons of his own patients. He soon came to realize that out of the people who  sought his services less than 5% had a normal amount of beneficial Lactobacillus

Bacteria in their colon. Nearly 90% had no detectable level of these beneficial bacteria. The good bacteria had long ago been destroyed by antibiotics, other drugs, and a non supportive diet.

     One of Dr. Preston’s first efforts to return people to good health was to seek to rebuild a healthy flora of Lactobacillus bacteria in their colon, now    discovering that this was an extremely difficult thing to do. The problem was, the only Lactobacillus bacteria strains available for many years were the acidophilus and the biffidus strains. These strains, while normally found in healthy colons, were there because they got their start when these people were infants. As infants the stomach acid is very, very weak and these strains easily survive the stomach acid and make it to the intestines where they are able to establish a healthy colony. However, this is not true in adults whose acid was so strong, very few of these strains made it to the intestines.

    Fortunately we now have the sporogenes species of the Lactobacillus available to us. During the life cycle of this species it forms spores. Spores are a fully alive but dormant stage for these bacteria. They have developed a protective envelope in which they wrap themselves. They are totally unharmed by stomach acid, and in fact are actually benefited by its, life cycle in the intestines. They are also not harmed by rather high temperatures.

    Once they reach the intestines they are very rapid and effective colonizers and are one of the most prolific lactic acid producers of all the Lactobacillus bacteria. As a result they soon lower the pH of the intestine, making it inhospitable to yeast and the putrefactive bacteria. As the pH of the colon becomes normal, the putrefactive and pathogenic bacteria continually diminish in number, allowing other beneficial bacteria besides the Lactobacillus to      multiply. The result is a rapid increase in lactic acid and butyrates, which serve as nourishing fuels for the cells which line the colon. This allows polyp cells,  precancerous and cancer cells to normalize themselves.

    With the vastly reduced number of putrefactive and pathogenic bacteria inhabiting the colon, a  substantially reduced level of toxic substances leaves the colon with the fluids absorbed into the portal blood stream that goes to the liver.   With a now manageable level of toxins to deal with, the liver is able to neutralize all of them, and the post-hepatic blood circulation is clear of even low levels of toxins. Hence, there is no longer a stimulation of the disease process or the breakdown of weak genes in the outlying tissues. The hidden disease process is halted.


“As a result they soon lower the pH of the intestine, making it inhospitable to yeast and the putrefactive and pathogenic bacteria continually diminish in number, allowing other beneficial bacteria besides the Lactobacillus to multiply. The result is a rapid increase in lactic acid and butyrates, which serve as nourishing fuels for the cells which line the colon. This allows polyp cells, pre-cancerous and cancer cells to normalize themselves.”

Nutra Flora:

    Scientific researchers found that one of the big problems in getting the beneficial bacteria to colonize a colon that was over run with yeast, pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria, is that there was virtually no viable food source for the good bacteria to feed on once they got there. They  often failed to colonize and thrive, simply because they did not have an available food  supply to support their favorite food right in the formula. This food is in the form of a specials type of fiber known as “fructo oligo saccharides” of FOS for short.

    Research studies have shown there are many forms and types of FOS, and they are not all created equal. Some are very effective at promoting excellent beneficial bacteria growth and some are not. There is Inulin in this product the one with the highest level of colonization support. In fact research studies with this particular FOS have shown that when given along with the beneficial bacteria it increases their level of colonization form 500% to as much as 1000%.

Ascorbic Acid:

    Vitamin C is highly acidic, and when given along with the beneficial bacteria it helps to bring the alkaline pH of an unhealthy colon to a more acidic environment that promotes the life cycle of the beneficial bacteria.  In addition, ascorbic acid helps protect these bacteria by neutralizing free radicals and toxins in their immediate environment. Finally, ascorbic acid is hygroscopic, meaning, it tends to draw and hold moisture to it, and since a constipated and unhealthy colon tends to be too dry, this helps keep the stool moist for easy passage.


    This is a special combination of minerals found in natural deposits in the earth, it provides many wonderful benefits.

   It is highly hygroscopic drawing and holding a great deal of moisture to itself. As it does so, it swells to many times its original size and becomes extremely slippery. This gives bulk and lubrication to the fecal material and helps it move through the colon more easily. One final benefit of Bentonite is that it has remarkable toxin absorbing abilities, thus it helps lock up the toxins of the putrefactive and pathogenic bacteria and carry them out of the body where they will be transported to the liver and become a burden to it.

 Guar Gum:

    A natural plant seed extract that upon exposure to water becomes a very slippery mucilaginous substance, which has a calming and soothing effect upon the inflamed and irritated linings of an unhealthy colon. Due to its high level of cohesiveness it is very similar to the natural mucous produced by a healthy colon to protect itself from the abrasion of the feces and the irritation of bacterial toxins.

Apple Pectin:

A natural substance extracted from apples, which is slightly acidic, absorbs and holds water, forming a lubricating gel. This gel becomes a part of the fecal material and provides properties to the feces, which is both lubricating and protective to the tissues lining the colon.

Prune Powder:

    The plum fruit when dried is known as a prune and it is one of the most fiber rich foods on the face of the earth. These are not just ordinary fibers, they are highly moisture retentive and lubricating fibers. They are also nourishing to the butyrate producing bacteria. It is the butyrates, which protect the colon tissue from becoming cancer prone. In addition, prunes are one of Nature’s richest sources of magnesium, which is so essential in promoting healthy peristalsis, the muscle contraction wave which moves the colon contents forward,  without which, severe constipation occurs. Prunes are legendary for their ability to promote regular bowel movements. Now, in this formula you get all the benefits without having to eat a dish of them every day.

Psyllium Husk Powder:

     The husk of the Psyllium seed is both highly water loving and extremely mucilaginous. Its use is as legendary as that of the prune in providing stool     softening and lubricating characteristics, which promote natural and regular daily bowel movements.  Because it is so hydrophilic, it swells to many times its original size and as it mixes with the feces provides a highly lubricated bulk for easy to pass bowel movements. Now, in this formula you get all the   benefits of Psyllium without the mess of every day mixing up a glass of it in cold water and drinking it quickly before it sets up.

Oat Fiber:

    This is another wonderful non-digestible water absorbing fiber that forms a slippery, gel like consistency that provides bulk as well as softness and lubrication to the feces, and at the same time protects the colon walls from irritation.

Rice Bran:

    Like oat fiber, rice bran is non-digestible, and is a water absorbing natural plant material that provides bulk by creating a slippery gel like consistency that mixes with the fecal material. This imparts softness to the feces as well as lubrication and once again, that all-important protection from irritation to the colon walls.

Magnesium Oxide:

    Since the days of our grandmothers, liquid preparations of magnesium oxide, known as milk of magnesia, have been sold in those large dark blue bottles in pharmacies all across the nation. This particular form of magnesium has a love affair with the colon. It has the ability to make it all the way through the digestive tract without getting absorbed, and once in the colon, it starts drawing water to itself, preventing the colon from withdrawing too much moisture from the fecal material and making it too dry and hard to pass. Indeed grandma did know best, but now you no longer have to grit your teeth and take it by the tablespoonful in order to get all of its benefits.


    This is a proteolytic enzyme from the papaya fruit. Its chief characteristic is its ability to breakdown protein. It is used in this formula to help breakup toxic amines, which form in the colon as a result of the   action of the putrefactive and pathogenic bacteria. Toxic amines are a major cause of all forms of intestinal and colon cancer.



    This is also a proteolytic enzyme, this time from the stem of the green pineapple fruit. Like papain listed above, its chief characteristic is its ability to breakdown protein and it is also used here to breakup the toxic amines formed in the colon by the pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria.

     As you read through the detailed  description of the Colon Health formula, you could hardly have missed the fact that there are seven different plant bran's and fibers that provide bulk, moisture retention, softness, flexibility, and lubrication to the stool as well as mucin for protection to the colon walls and food for the beneficial bacteria. There are two powerful plant enzymes t rid the colon of toxic amines, which are otherwise so carcinogenic. There is also Bentonite and magnesium oxide along with ascorbic acid to add further moisture retention in the fecal material, to keep it soft and slippery. Finally there is a very special form of easily colonizing Lactobacillus bacteria to create the healthiest colon environment possible.

    You will notice that there is not one stimulant, or irritant in the entire formula.   Everything is directed towards the creation of a healthy colon environment with natural and regular peristaltic movement and the creation of a well-formed stool, with sufficient softness, bulk and natural lubrication to make passing it every day a regular, normal and natural, easy and even a pleasant occurrence.


It is all about YOUR Colon, and the Easiest Bowel Movements You Ever Had.


How To Use Colon Health:

    Since there is a huge range of difference in the requirements of different people who begin taking this formula, it is impossible to give a starting dose that will apply to everyone. Obviously, the longer it is for you between bowel movements, and the harder your stool is, the more capsules of this formula you will require in the beginning to bring you to a normal function.

Suggested Use:

    Six capsules a day as a medium range starting dose. These can be taken all at once, or in evenly divided doses morning and evening. Always take the capsules with a large glass of water. As you read through the description of how the ingredients in this formula work, you could not help but have observed that water retention plays a key role for virtually all the ingredients. You must     provide that water by drinking enough when you take the capsules and again throughout the day.

    Some of you may be in such bad shape you will require 6 capsules twice a day when you start. Others may only require 3 capsules. You will have to experiment with the dose to fit the needs of your own body. You will obviously require more in the beginning than you will once your colon is healthy and functioning well. Then it will only require a daily maintenance dose. You are the one who is most qualified through a little adjusting of the dose to find out what that is.

    Because this formula does not rely upon stimulants and irritants like laxatives do, you must be patient as it may take a day or two for things to start working more effectively. For those whose constipation problems are severe and long     standing it is going to take a lot more capsules and a lot more time. However, be patient, while this  formula is not designed as a quick solution, it is however, intended as a permanent one.

    Always remember that you need to keep taking a small maintenance dose, whatever that is for you, every day, for the rest of your life. Keeping your colon function healthy is vital to allowing your liver to serve you well. It is essential to keep from generating disease processes in some hidden location far from the colon due to long term low-level toxicity leaking beyond an overrated liver due to chronic constipation and poor colon health.

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