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OPC RSV a Miracle?

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    In this special report you are going to learn how to use an amazing and powerful supplement called OPC RSV to stop those dangerous free radicals and thus prevent and even reverse much of the damage that has already been done to your cells and to prevent the development of common degenerative diseases.

  Free Radicals are known to be the single biggest cause of aging and degenerative diseases. (see table 1). Now you can neutralize these harmful free radicals and dramatically improve the quality of your life while rebuilding your good health! We are going to share with you what these free radicals are, where they come from, why they exist, how to recognize the damage they have already done and most importantly, how to neutralize them and render them harmless before they can destroy your good health.

Shortening Our Life Span:

    Scientists now estimate that your cells are designed to live approximately 120 years. In spite of this, the average lifespan is 70 to 80 years. This means that if you were to die at the age of 70, your  lifespan potential was shortened by 40%!   Something is attacking your healthy cells and they are prematurely dying off before 120 years. That something is free radicals. You can’t escape, but you can control them. In a little while, we are going to show you how to neutralize these dangerous free radicals and render them harmless. The health benefits for you are profound as you can dramatically slow the aging and disease process.

Table 1:

Heath Problems Associated with Dangerous Free Radicals:

ü    Aging (premature & “Normal”)          ü Hemorroids

ü Alzheimer’s                                       ü Inflammation

ü Arthritis                                             ü   Kidney Disease

ü Bruises                                              ü   Liver Damage

ü    Cataracts                                           ü   Retinopathy

ü    Cancer

ü   Senility

ü    Congestive Heart Failure

ü   Strokes

ü    Diabetes Type II

ü   Skin Cancer

ü    Edea

ü   Swollen Joints

ü   Chronis Fatigue

ü   Varicose Veins

ü Heart Attacks

ü   Wrinkles

Just about every other health problem associated with the process of  aging as well!


Your Cells Determine Your Health!

       Your entire body is made up of billions and billions of individual units of life called “cells.” That’s right, each of your cells is a “unit of life,” your life! Each time one of them dies, a part of you dies. From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, living cells are everywhere. All of your organs-kidneys, heart, prostate, stomach, colon, pancreas, thyroid, skin, eyes, pituitary gland, lungs… They are all made of living cells.

    Deep inside of every living cell is a “nucleus” made up of very complex DNA and RNA proteins. The DNA portion is actually a complete biochemical blueprint for the entire body of the organism that the cell is a part of. This means that inside of every one of the billions of living cells in your body, is the complete blueprint to repair and rebuild not only that particular cell, but also the entire body.

    It means that technically speaking, your cells have the awesome potential to keep you young, healthy and disease free and alive… FOREVER! That is until those dangerous free radicals are able to damage and destroy your healthy cells. This is why free radicals are responsible for the development of disease and the dramatic shortening of your lifespan.

Lifecycle of Your Cells:

   Your cells are designed to perform thousands of important biochemical functions every day to keep you in good health. These cells will eventually wear out and die off, a normal process called “apoptosis.” Before the worn out cell dies, it reproduces another new cell identical to itself. So in theory, as the old worn out cells die off, they are replaced by healthy new identical cells and you remain in good health and disease free. How well your cells reproduce depends entirely on the DNA located deep within every cell.

  As we mentioned before, the DNA inside of your cell contains all the instructions for how the old worn out cell can reproduce a healthy new cell. As you may have already imagined, anything that can alter or damage the DNA of your cells, will dramatically affect your level of health. (see table 2) What do you suppose would happen if the instructions in your DNA were damaged when it came time to manufacture a new cell?  Damaged cells do not manufacture healthy new cells, they manufacture more damaged or abnormal cells identical to themselves! You have got to protect that DNA from harmful free radicals if you want to live a long healthy and disease free life.

   So how does your DNA get damaged? It’s the numerous sources of free radicals that we have to deal with daily. Therefore anything you can do to neutralize these free radicals will benefit you by  protecting your healthy cells from damage. OPC RSV is the most powerful free radical neutralizer known! Using the product on a regular basis can help neutralize those dangerous free radicals and render them harmless before they can damage your cells.

Table 2:

Free Radical Damages:

Through the process of oxidation, dangerous free radicals can attach themselves to your healthy cells and permanently transform them into harmful structures.


Normal Fat Molecule  can become LDL Cholesterol Molecule


Normal DNA Molecule  can become  Abnormal Cancer Cells


Normal Collagen Molecule  can become  Premature Aging of  Your Skin, Heart  Disease and Stroke

Normal Pancreas, Kidney,   can become   Diabetes, Kidney,


Liver and Heart  Molecules   can become   Liver and Heart Failure and Heart  Disease

Free radicals are a part of our every day life. They can however be neutralized and kept under control. Our own body can neutralize many of them, but many times the job is overwhelming. OPC RSV is the most potent free radical neutralizer known.

The More Damage, The Less Energy You have:

    The DNA inside your cells control hundreds of thousands of little energy factories inside your cells. These energy factories are called “mitochondria” and they take fatty acids or glucose and combine it with oxygen to create a high energy molecule called Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate or ATP for short.

    Move your arm, you need ATP. Turn your head, you need ATP. Breathe in and out-you need ATP. You can do absolutely nothing without ATP. Just as gasoline powers your automobile, ATP is the critical fuel your body requires. The more ATP you have, the more physical energy you will have.

    High levels of fatty acids or glucose and oxygen will not do you one bit of good if your cells are so badly damaged that they can not convert them into ATP and burn them for energy. In fact an abnormally high glucose level is a common disease known as sugar diabetes or Type II Adult Onset Diabetes.

   It’s almost always caused first by a poor diet that is very high in simple  carbohydrates and sugars and secondly by cells that have become to    damaged to efficiently convert the fatty acids of glucose into ATP. This means a lack of adequate ATP production, and the continually high blood glucose level also increased the number of free radicals in your body. Truly the worse possible combination. Under this scenario your likelihood of developing one of the big 3 diseases, Heart Disease, Cancer or Diabetes goes up  dramatically.

    The good news is that there is plenty you can do about it. Get your diet in order and use OPC RSV to neutralize those dangerous free radicals as well. The disastrous complications that can develop from continually high blood sugar levels are very serious.

As Your Cells Age, So Do You:

    Want to look and feel young? Then you have to keep your cells healthy by protecting them from the potential damages of harmful free radicals.

    Ever wonder why some people seem to show their age much worse than others? It’s due to free radical damage done to their cells. If your cells die prematurely due to excessive free radical damage and they are not replaced with healthy new ones, then the visible effects of aging will be very dramatic. You are actually losing more cells than you are replacing and the result is a shortening of your life span as the visual effects of aging also take their toll. You will look and actually be old before your time. Neutralizing those dangerous free radicals with OPC RSV and minimizing your exposure to them is the answer. We will share with you how to do this a little later in this article,  but first we need to understand what free radicals are and how they work.

What is a Free Radical?

    Free radicals inside of your body are extremely dangerous. Scientists know that they can cause premature aging and frequently are the cause of numerous health problems. (see table 1).

    When biochemical processes take place inside of your body, partial molecules are left over carrying an electrical charge. These electrically charged partial molecules are called free radicals because they are very unstable and are free to roam though out your body damaging your cells that they come in contact with.

How do Free Radicals do So Much Damage?

     As free radicals come in contact with your cells, they release their electrical charge much like static electricity shocks you when you touch a door knob or light switch. The very same thing happens on a smaller scale inside of your body every time these free radicals are released inside of your body. Initially the tiny electrical shocks may only partially impair a cell’s ability to function. If there is a larger amount of free radicals attacking the cell, the cell may no longer function at all, and you just lost a “unit of life” as it was not replaced. (see table 2)

    The third possibility is that the damage to the cell is severe enough to actually damage the DNA and transform the cell into an abnormal diseased cell. You know this as cancer. These dangerous free radicals have got to be neutralized before they can damage your cells. The damage is done to your cells by these free radicals in two possible ways.

    First, a free radical is an unstable molecule and it may steal an electron from which the electron was stolen now becomes a dangerous free radical as well. Now this can set off a dangerous chain reaction that dramatically increases the number of free radicals inside of you.

    Second, if a free radical does not steal an electron from another normal cell molecule, it may instead attach itself to your cell. When it happens, your normal healthy cell molecule will be permanently changed. The results of this can be catastrophic as abnormal cells can become cancer cells.

    If the molecule being attacked happens to be a triglyceride fat molecule, the result could be a free radical created that can damage your arteries and cause dangerous plaque to form which is known as heart disease. As those arteries become more and more restricted, the condition leads to heart attacks.

   If the molecule being attacked happens to be a DNA chain, then the DNA can be damaged and become abnormal which may ultimately develop into cancers and other serious diseases.

  If the cell molecule being attacked is a collagen molecule, then you may see the damage in the premature aging and wrinkling of your skin.

    You see, the nature of your health problem caused by too many dangerous free radicals depends entirely on where the free radicals choose to attack. If the tissues in your joints are attacked, it will be arthritis, if it is the pancreas it will be sugar diabetes and so forth.

   This is why free radicals can be responsible for many health problems as outlined in tables 1 and 2.

Where Do These Free Radicals Come From?

     Free radicals are found in our food (especially processed foods),  our water (through chemicals like chlorine and fluorine) and in the air we breathe (especially smoke and smog).

     Your level of exposure to chemicals will greatly increase your level of dangerous free radicals. It is impossible to completely eliminate your exposure to harmful free radicals and to make matters worse, your own body          manufactures the largest number of free radicals as a by product of normal digestion and metabolism.

Important Nutrients That Neutralize Free  Radicals:

   Fortunately your body is capable of neutralizing many of these dangerous free radicals. To keep those free radicals under control of course the first thing you will want to do is minimize your  exposure to them.

    Avoid chemicals in your diet and try to eat a natural diet as much as possible. Secondly, make sure you are giving your body the important nutrients it needs to keep us with the job of controlling those free radicals.


    The process of oxidation occurs when one molecule gives up an electron to another molecule. When it occurs inside of your body it is called “ oxidative stress.” This is a very potent and dangerous oxygen free radical.

    This oxidation process is the same process that causes metal to rust, cut apples to turn brown and food items to go rancid.

     Cut open an apple and immediately pour lemon juice on one half. The high antioxidant vitamin C content of the lemon juice will actually prevent the apple from turning brown as it neutralizes the oxygen free radicals!

    This happens to your healthy cells when oxygen free radicals are present inside your body.

    Vitamin E and Selenium when taken together are very effective at neutralizing free radicals found in the oils and fats of your body. Antioxidants like vitamin A and Beta Carotene are also effective because they are used by your body to neutralize free radicals especially in the mucous membranes of your body. Of all the antioxidants vitamins and minerals, vitamin C is the most potent free radical neutralizer. That’s because vitamin C is water soluble and over 90% of your body is made of water soluble tissue. This means vitamin C certainly has the broadest ability to neutralize more free radicals than any of the other  vitamin or mineral antioxidants. Using a high quality multi vitamin supplement like New Generation is a very good idea to insure that you are getting these particular  antioxidants.

 20 Times Stronger than Vitamin C, 50 times Stronger than Vitamin E!

             It’s called OPC RSV (oligo proantho cyaniding)

   And it is a natural component of red grape seeds and skin. It too is water soluble and studies show that it is 20 times more effective at neutralizing free radicals than vitamin C and even 50 times more powerful than vitamin E!  OPC RSV is not a vitamin or a mineral, it is called bioflavonoid.

    Bioflavonoids are found in many plants and they serve two very important roles.

1. Bioflavonoids strengthen the plant’s cells and fibers and

2. Bioflavonoids protect the plant from oxygen free radicals, which are also one of the most dangerous forms of free radicals for humans as well.

    When you consume these wonderful bioflavonoids, you receive the same protective benefits that the plants enjoy. The problem is that you need to consume a huge amount of these plants to get enough of these OPC bioflavonoids. But not any more. OPC RSV is a highly concentrated form of these most powerful bioflavonoids in a convenient capsule form. By swallowing these little capsules on a daily basis, you dramatically increase your body’s ability to neutralize dangerous free radicals and reap the many health benefits.

   OPC RSV works extremely well with all the other antioxidants especially vitamin C. OPC RSV is used by your body to neutralize plenty of free radicals and it also protects the vitamin C from oxidizing thus increasing the benefits and performance of your vitamin C.

The improved synergies form using vitamin C and OPC RSV together can greatly improve the wound healing process and help to speed up the elimination of excess cholesterol in addition to the other health benefits too numerous to list!

    Now that you know the secret of how to really neutralize those dangerous free radicals with OPC RSV, using the supplement on a daily basis will have profound effects on your physical health. OPC is in fact so effective that Dr.    Masquelier who discovered the substance received a patent #4,698,360 for its free radical scavenging/neutralizing benefits.

Clinical Studies Prove OPC Effectiveness:

    In this limited space we can only review a few of the clinical studies completed on OPC RSV. As you would expect, a natural substance like OPC RSV has at least 100 clinical studies that document it's effectiveness.

    Several of the studies have shown dramatic improvement in strengthening veins and capillaries, including those with diabetes, cirrhosis and the elderly. Varicose veins, retinopathy, night blindness and cataracts have all shown exceptional  improvement. Edema following injuries and surgery, PMS, even severe cases of arthritis have all responded dramatically. Free radical damage is indicated as a major factor in: (see table 1.)

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The material contained in this publication has been carefully researched and is believed to be reliable and accurate. However, it is not presented as medical advice.  It is offered as educational information. The reader is advised to obtain the services of a competent and qualified physician if the need for firm medical treatment is indicated.