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Our coconut recipes help coconut lovers find new and creative ideas to use their favorite food, coconuts! Unlike other websites that are taking advantage of the popularity of coconut oil and simply taking existing recipes and substituting coconut ingredients to quickly come up with “coconut recipes” that have never been actually made, each coconut recipe here has been tested and created in the kitchen. Tropical Traditions users submit the bulk of the recipes from their own personal creations, and many of these users are chefs or accomplished cooks and bakers. We carefully screen each coconut recipe submitted and only publish those coconut recipes that we have either tested ourselves, or know have been proven to work when prepared properly. Each and every coconut recipe on this website is delicious and wholesome, especially if you use quality organic coconut products from Whether you love Coconut Oil, Coconut Cream Concentrate, shredded Coconut, Coconut Water Vinegar or Coconut Flour, we have the coconut recipe for you! All of these recipes are FREE, with no registration required. Please support our labor of love by purchasing your ingredients from!

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This recipe link is from Tropical Traditions in the US they have many tried tested and true recipes.