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A Different Approach... Rather than treating the symptoms of disease and illness,

T.T. Ultimate Products offers you a different approach to building good health.

    The modern Doctor of Naturopathic medicine is trained in the same basic sciences of medicine as any other medical doctor. They study from the same text books, the same courses, and the same number of hours and must pass the same basic examinations. However, where the ordinary medical doctor studies drugs to treat disease, the naturopathic doctor studies natural methods to overcome health problems by building good health.

Dr. Robert Preston

Naturopathic Physician

   Dr. Robert Preston attended Arizona State University at Tempe, Los Angeles, College of Chiropractic, American College of Natural Healing Sciences and the Arizona College of Naturopathic Medicine.

    President and founder of the International Institute of Nutritional Research in 1985, Dr. Robert Preston has dedicated his entire life to the research and scientific study of the ever changing role that nutrition plays in achieving optimum health. Publishing his research, he has helped literally thousands of people all around the world to improve the quality and health of their lives.

Ultimate Products offers you a wide variety of all natural Physician Formulated supplements that are based on the very best that science and nature has to offer.  We believe that by giving your body these important and needed nutrients, your body can build long-lasting good health.

We offer you the Highest Quality of Life.  For more than 20 years, these Physician Formulated natural alternatives allow you to build truly long-lasting good health. Simply stated, use our products and you will feel the difference they make to your good health. These products are available through Ultimate Products.

We are committed to providing you with all the best that science and nature have to offer.  Since we control and manufacture all of our products, you can use them with confidence knowing that they will work as claimed and that you are getting the highest quality, highest purity ingredients available. Ultimate  Products are the best that you can buy.

Not only are we committed to providing you with product excellence, we also feel it is very important that we provide you with the education and knowledge that you need to make informed health decisions for yourself and those you care about.  

We offer you with pride, the Physician Formulated Products

                                                Enjoy Life and All the Vitality it has to Offer!

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